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Our Content Editor

Effortlessly create content, even without any prior experience.

This is what makes our content editor unique

Real time collaboration with your colleagues!

Up to 15 users work together
simultaneously in a lesson

Use drag-and-drop elements for easy content creation!

We provide you with the easiest, most intuitive content editor on the entire market

Edit your content
while on the go!

Create content seamlessly while on the go, using your mobile device

Never has it been easier to create
content together in real time:

Seamless content creation thanks to drag & drop. Free up time and use it more effectively!

All the different elements can be easily inserted into the page via drag & drop, and the order of them within the page is completely customisable by simply dragging and dropping.

Reduce manual labor when creating pages and content. Simply combine multiple elements inside one page!

All elements can be combined on a single page. For example, you can place a multiple choice question directly below a video so that members can quickly reflect on what they've seen.

No more chaotic versioning! Collaborate with your colleagues in real time and create content together!

In the LearningSuite editor, you can, in real time, work on the same content pieces with your colleagues, similar to Google Docs. We've finally solved the confusion that often occurs when several people save different content versions at the same time.

Forgot something while on the go?
Just use your smartphone!

Our LearningSuite editor has been optimised so that you can easily create content on the go. You can even record videos with your phone and upload them directly.

Build your own course structure.
There are no limits.

Similar to PowerPoint, you are able to create lessons across multiple pages. This is particularly useful when there is a lot of written content on a topic. Using several pages, the content can be shared evenly and to meet your demands.

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Innovative and unique.
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