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Video Recording & Editing

Create videos in minutes
not hours.

What makes our video recorder unique

Capture camera, screen,
or both

Record presentations and show your camera feed at the same time

Cut videos in just a few clicks

Cut videos with our cutter
right after recording

Higher quality than other tools

We rely on a new video codec that enables better recordings

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Never has it been easier to create and edit videos:

Exceptional video recording that honors your knowledge: Unmatched across the market!

With the built-in video capture tool in LearningSuite, you can easily record high-quality videos in your browser.

You can decide whether you want to record the camera, screen, or both at the same time. This is ideal for producing effective content quickly.

Elaborate editing tools have had their time. Simply cut directly in the tool.

Back in the day you used to record videos, downloaded them, edited them in the cutting tool, cut and re-uploaded again. From now on, that is a thing of the past. Because editing videos is easier than ever with LearningSuite.

Your webcam lacks recording quality? Then simply record with your smartphone!

To improve camera quality and deliver high-quality performance, you can connect your MacBook directly to the iPhone.

You can also record videos directly from your smartphone, whether it's Apple or Android. In fact, our editor also works well on your mobile phone.

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