User Management

Intuitive, efficient and all the features you need for your organization.

Creating users with Learningsuite is simple

Separate specifically between admins & members

Provides you with an oversight
of learners & editors

Easy user creation

With just a few clicks manually or
via Excel & CSV import

Comprehensive role management

So that everyone has exactly the rights they need for their tasks

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With these features, create new users
is an absolute breeze:

Distinct separation between admins and members. For an optimal overview.

Admins are able to create content and manage users, while members can only consume created content. There is a strict separation between the admin zone and the so-called member area.

You don't have to worry: Only owners can permanently delete content.

Every LearningSuite platform always has an owner role. Only this person may permanently delete the training content from the trash. When changing the owner role, we always carry out a review to prevent misuse and hacking.

Comprehensive role management: Control roles within your team.

You can only assign permissions to each employee and administrator that are essential for their function. At training level, you can determine whether the content can only be viewed, edited or even deleted.

Make it easy on yourself -
With an easy user creation.

Members can either be created manually directly via a simple creation popup or imported via Excel or CSV import. During the import process, you have the option to directly create a group for this import and add all content.

Actively save valuable time. Thanks to the group mechanism for your members.

Assign specific groups to members to save time during administration. For example, you can create a separate group for each department, job position, or client company to unlock the right content for all members at once.

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