Content creation

Interactive Content

The perfect way to consolidate your users' knowledge.

THEY KEY features for perfect learning

Multiple choice questions

Easily create multiple choice
questions in no time

Gapped texts

So that learners easily grasp
your contents' context

Buttons & links

Empower your users to
interact with each lesson interactively

The ideal tool to check whether your
members truly understood the context!

Multiple choice elements: Check your users' understanding.

With multiple choice questions, you can test your members' understanding and encourage interactive learning. Questions are easy to create and rate. You can also provide feedback instantly, making them a valuable learning tool.

Gapped texts: Quickly verify the understanding of specific terms.

Fill-in-the-blank texts offer an excellent way to assess the knowledge and understanding of your users. They can be used to test the application of theories or concepts and are very effective in promoting additional engagement.

Unique requirements? Our custom code element effortlessly caters
to your specific needs.

With our custom code feature, you can build forms to meet your specific needs. Whether it's registrations, surveys, or feedback forms.

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