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Digital Exams

Create extensive exams easily with LearningSuite

Our Unique exam editor

Intuitive exam creation

Create complex questions more easily than on any other platform

Setting options

Create an exam exactly according to your ideas with over 30 settings

Evaluate exam results

Evaluate the results of tests precisely and comment on each individual question

Uncompromising digital exams:
Designed with ease in mind and
all the features you require.

An exam editor packed with features: Create tasks exactly the way you want them to be.

With our editor, our goal from the start was to create a tool that would make it easy to create all types of content that you need.

Extensive settings:
Configure your test exactly to your requirements.

Is it possible to have access to the learning content during the test?
Can students see their grade immediately after taking the test?
What is the appropriate time limit for the test and how can you ensure that each student receives different questions?
For all of these questions and more, we offer innovative solutions that you can configure to meet your specific test needs.

Automatic or manual scoring?
Your choice.

Simple tests, such as multiple choice questions or blank texts, are immediately automatically assessed by LearningSuite. However, complex tests, such as video or text submissions, can also be implemented in LearningSuite, where the reviewer can independently evaluate the individual tasks.

Precise feedback on each and every single task. To ensure knowledge transfer.

For each task in the exam, trainers can optionally add feedback in the form of comments. This significantly increases the learning effect of participants, as they can immediately understand exactly what was wrong.

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