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Never has digital coaching been easier!

Exclusive LearningSuite Features

Video, audio, text & file submissions

Members can send you all kinds of different submissions

Provide accurate feedback, down to the second

Link comments to specific timestamps and provide feedback as precisely as possible

Rate each submission -
one by one

You can rate and review submissions to provide a highly customised experience

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A true game changer: With submissions,
you can coach your members individually!

Receive video submissions and Rate them down to the second!

Request video submissions from your members and provide them with detailed comments, down to each second. A perfect method for training expert teams such as sales, support and many more!

Practice phone calls & guidelines easily with Audio submissions!

With the audio submission feature, your members create and upload audio recordings directly inside LearningSuite. You can listen to, rate, and comment on these recordings to provide tailored feedback. Ideal for language training or presentation exercises.

Review or Collect feedback with text submissions!

Using the text submission function, you can collect, review and correct your members' written submissions. This allows you check your members' specific text comprehension and writing skills.

Easily collect your members' files by using File submissions

The file submission feature allows your members to submit various types of files, such as PDFs, Word documents, or Excel spreadsheets. You can download, review, and provide feedback related to each file, which is particularly efficient for projects and homework.

Work through submissions in a breeze, without losing track of your progress!

All submissions are summarised and visible in a comprehensive list.
This allows you or your employees to work through tasks systematically without losing track of hundreds of submissions!

Provide users with reviews and Feedback down to the second

Give feedback on submissions - down to the second and provide even more accurate ratings. This drastically strengthens the learning experience, as each member understands opportunities and sees potential for improvement better.

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