Platform features

Mobile Usability

LearningSuite is 100% usable and optimised for mobile devices.

All Features can be used directly on Your Smartphone

No restricted features

Your members can access all features, such as feedback, view their content, etc.

Create users on mobile

Even on the go, you can create users
directly on your smartphone

Create content on the go

Our LearningSuite editor has been optimised so that you can create content on the go

No compromises: LearningSuite features can be conveniently used on the go, using your smartphone.

Users can easily view learning content on the go and access all features.

Learners can intuitively navigate their way through their smartphones and watch as well as interact with content such as videos, audios, interactive content, and more. Feedback can also be sent directly on mobile and all submissions can be done on the smartphone.

Create content on the go:
The LearningSuite Editor can also be used on smartphones.

Our LearningSuite Editor has been optimised so that you can easily create content on the go. You can even record videos on your phone and upload them directly, without any hassle.

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