Data Security

We protect your data with triple redundancy.

Your data will always be safe with us

Quality, made in Austria

LearningSuite is an Austrian software company.
We focus on delivering the highest quality.

German servers with backups

Your data is stored on high-performance servers and is backed up daily.

Global recycle bin

Only owners can permanently delete content. This shields you from human errors.

Learn how we reliably protect your data:

Austrian quality:
We are 100% GDPR compliant, offer the best SLA and submit the AVV directly.

LearningSuite is an Austrian software company. GDPR compliance is crucial to us. We rely on premium software service providers with the best SLA (service level agreement) and directly provide you with the AVV (order data processing agreement).

Cutting edge German high-performance servers. With daily backups and triple redundancy!

Your data is securely stored on high-performance servers in Frankfurt, utilising a modern content delivery network with the highest service level agreement. Backups are created daily and all content is redundantly backed up 3 times.

Guarded against human errors - Thanks to the global recycle bin in LearningSuite!

Should an admin delete content, the owner has the option to restore or permanently delete it via the global recycle bin. Deleted content remains there for 60 days to give you enough time to revise errors retroactively.

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Innovative and unique.
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