Your Design and Branding

Customise LearningSuite according to your corporate design.

LearningSuite looks exactly the way you want it to

100% customisable

So you can represent
your brand exactly how you wish

Dark mode

Embrace full focus sessions,
even at night

Branded emails

All sent emails carry your
specific branding and texts

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Embrace the top notch design that your brand deserves. Easily adapted in LearningSuite:

The sky is the limit!
Customise LearningSuite precisely to fit your design requirements.

LearningSuite gives you full control over your logos, colors, fonts and even the rounding of individual elements, depending on whether your corporate design specifications. You can also customise the appearance of your login screen, link preview, and more!

Dark or light mode? Redefine the interface of your platform - anytime, anywhere.

For night owls, we have implemented a dedicated dark mode, which can be completely customised with the option to set the default as either light or dark mode.

An outstanding experience right from the start. With your own sub-domain and individual login design.

Configure your own sub-domain so that your platform carries a unique URL which customers and employees can easily find and share. Combined with a customised login screen, you are crafting a truly unique platform experience for your users.

Send emails exactly the way you want. With your own distinctive design and personalised texts!

Emails sent by LearningSuite carry your branding and can be designed individually. Learn more about this on our separate page "Emails".

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In the demo call, we will show you the software in detail, customised to your use case (onboarding, coaching platform, online course) and answer all your questions.

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Innovative and unique.
Our Top Features at a glance:

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