Content creation

Course Creation

Never has it been easier to create courses & learning content!

This is what makes our course creation unique

Conventional course structures - now reimagined

We refined conventional course structures while still adhering to universal standards

Use your modules
in multiple courses

Imagine using learning modules like template blocks - to be used across multiple courses

Course widgets drive
upsells & information transfer

Use course widgets to highlight important information in courses

It's never been so easy to create courses:

Classic course structures you are familiar with - redefined by the page feature.

Courses consist of modules, in which there are several sections in which the lessons, i.e. the learning content, are located. In lessons, unlike in other platforms, you can create several pages to present and bundle your knowledge in the best way possible.

Modules are like content blocks that you can use in multiple courses!

Unlike in other platforms, with LearningSuite, you can easily reuse modules in other courses. This is ideal for standard and recurring modules such as corporate culture.

More than just a course: Highlight important information with course widgets.

In the course dashboard, you can easily place course widgets. Which is is the ideal opportunity to position upsells or provide important information, such as live call times or links to other relevant courses.

You're in control: Control exactly when users should see their content.

By using the content drip, you can determine when and how your members should see their learning contents. For example, you can activate modules with a time delay or only when the previous module has been successfully completed.

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