Save yourself and your customers a lot of time and generate upsells!

LearningSuite revolutionizes onboarding for your agency clients, answering questions before they arise and seamlessly introducing attractive follow-up offers.

In this video, LearningSuite co-founder Florian shows you the benefits of being an agency with LearningSuite and how you can earn more money with it!

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“I never thought I'd find time for it, but with LearningSuite I've managed to set up digital onboarding for my customers in record time!”

Akin Colak - Founder of AC Consulting GmbH

Fabio Moretti
We present

The first premium-platform for customer onboarding

LearningSuite is the easiest way to create a digital onboarding course for customers. Once recorded, courses can be unlocked for new customers time and time again.

In your Design
For Mobile & Desktop
Simple & Intuitive
Dashboards for Intranet
Feedback Function
Secure Video hosting
Integrated Video Editing

That's why you should use LearningSuite:

Create content twice as fast that's also twice as effective as with other tools

At LearningSuite, we do things differently to accelerate your progress. Our innovative content structure allows you to create more extensive and interactive content faster than ever before.

Our customers frequently share how they've 'spontaneously' developed new coaching products, simply because creating content with LearningSuite is so enjoyable and efficient.

Significantly simplify fulfillment:
With digital client onboarding

As an agency owner, you know how time-consuming the onboarding of new clients can be and how many questions arise after initial meetings. By conducting onboarding through an online course, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort in the future.

In the onboarding course, the client gets all the information about the service, contacts, process, and more. Additionally, you can ideally promote follow-up offers, generating upsells.

Reduce support effort with handy customer dashboards

Provide your clients with a customized dashboard where contacts, important links, project status, and everything else about the collaboration are immediately visible, saving you from answering many follow-up questions that usually arise.

You can easily create these Customer Hubs using our drag-and-drop editor, and you also have the option to utilize one of our templates.

Offer your clients exclusive added value with online courses

To retain your customers long-term, you need to be the provider who goes the extra mile. You can easily and with little effort achieve this by offering your clients a course with additional tips that enable them to benefit even more from your service through their own efforts.

This course enhances your clients' results and also increases their satisfaction and loyalty to you as a service provider.

This is what your training platform could look like:


These features exist only in LearningSuite:

A custom dashboard for your customers

With the hub function, you can create practical dashboards with all the links and resources that your clients need on a daily basis.

Capture video directly in the tool

Create learning content in a flash without a camera person or complex editing tools.

Interactive training

Completely asynchronous training with the innovative submission feature.

Easily organized with bundles

With bundles, you can effortlessly structure your product packages and unlock the all courses and dashboards for your customers with one click.

With the unique submission feature you can collect feedback & information from customers!

Example: Training a sales representative

1. You show how to do for example a job interview

2. The customer records a video simulating it

3. You can give and rate accurate feedback

With the submission function, videos, audios, text and files can be requested from customers!

The possible uses are virtually endless and can be used for almost every application, you can find out more about this in the demo call!

What our customers say about LearningSuite

Our customers are what make LearningSuite the product it is. In this video, we show you what our customers have to say about LearningSuite.

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Your success is our #1 priority. You only get these benefits with LearningSuite:

Exclusive content in our LearningSuite Academy

Learn how to create high-quality content faster and learn the strategies of the most successful LearningSuite customers from the presentations.

E-Learning Days: Presentations from market leaders

We regularly organize e-learning days in Koblenz exclusively for our customers. With presentations on best practices from market leaders.

Learn from others in our customer community

Exchange ideas with other coaches, agencies and companies that use LearningSuite and take important learnings with you for your business.

Experience LearningSuite Live in a non-binding demo call:

In the demo call, we will show you the software in detail, individually tailored to your use case (onboarding, coaching platform, online course) and answer all your questions.

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Innovative and unique.
Our Top Features at a glance:

Our premium support is here to assist you with all your inquiries

With us, you're not on your own. Our support team will help you with problems as well as with integrations of various tools or even with automation. In addition, every LearningSuite customer receives individual strategy advice.

Onboarding call & strategy advice included
Live support chat (answers in a few minutes)
Support with integrations & automations

Answers to frequently asked questions:

What does LearningSuite cost?

The license fee for LearningSuite depends on your specific use case and the number of users. Book one non-binding demo call with your individual contact person to find out more!

What happens in the non-binding demo call?

In Demo call One of our experts will show you how you can actually implement your ideas with LearningSuite and what your own e-learning platform can look like afterwards. All of your open questions will be answered!

Why should I choose LearningSuite?

The typical LearningSuite customer is himself an absolutely professional and highly sought after provider who goes the extra mile for his customers and is not prepared to make a lazy compromise.

We share that idea. If you have the best in mind for your customers, then LearningSuite is the only true option for you.

Who is LearningSuite worthwhile for?

LearningSuite is worthwhile for all companies, agencies & coaches who want to offer their customers or employees the best possible solution for their digital products and services or their employee onboarding.

Is there an app feature?

LearningSuite works on any mobile iOS and Android device and can also be installed as a web app for your users.

Is there a free trial?

No Since we offer a comprehensive onboarding service and premium support for our customers and only work with selected companies, you can only use LearningSuite in non-binding demo call Get to know.

In this demo call, we'll use examples to show you how you can solve any online training, customer onboarding or employee training idea that you have in mind with LearningSuite.

Experience LearningSuite firsthand in a live demo call now!

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