Multilingual Platform

Users are able to choose their preferred language for LearningSuite.

We provide you with all Essentials you need for multilingual courses

German & English

LearningSuite works in both German and English for you and your userbase

Emails in preferred languages

Configure and send emails in your users' preferred language

Our support is there for you

Our support team is proficient in both German and English, ensuring seamless assistance

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You don't have to settle for just one language. LearningSuite lets you create both German and English courses effortlessly.

Plurilingualism: German & English is natively supported in LearningSuite.

LearningSuite can be used in both German and English.
The language can easily be set individually for each user at the top right of the main menu.

Send emails individually in the respective user's language and individually customise templates.

When creating new users, you have the option to select the user's language so that the welcome email and all future emails are sent in the respective language. The language can also be adapted retrospectively for each user.

Our dedicated support team is always at your service, offering assistance in German and English.

All of our support staff are available in both German and English language. You can either communicate with our support team via live chat or arrange individual meetings.

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