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Custom header & footer code

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So far, we have found solutions for every integration & automation demand. Learn more about our approach:

Over 20 actions & triggers you can use to build intiracate automations with LearningSuite

We provide you with a comprehensive range of actions and triggers, enabling you to craft any automation you can imagine using Zapier or Make. Simply visit the Zapier homepage and to find all the information you need.

With our well-documented API you can even automate the most complex scenarios.

We provide you with an API including documentation which allows for in-depth automations without having to use external tools. This approach allows you to connect your software directly to LearningSuite.

Frequently used apps such as Zapier, Make & Copecart are readily available directly in LearningSuite.

We provide you with integrations, such as Copecart for selling courses, Make and Zapier for automations with various tools, Intercom to provide great support for your members, and many more!

Well structured custom header & footer code that just works?
Meet our code snippet feature!

By using custom header and footer code, you can easily add third-party services and scripts, such as a Facebook pixel. With our code snippets, you can structure your code and deactivate specific elements for a certain period of time.

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