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Update: Version 1.10

Alexander Knechtl

What's new in version 1.10?

All videos uploaded to LearningSuite are now optionally transcribed -free of charge- using artificial intelligence. The AI model runs on our own servers in Germany, meaning that no data is passed on to third parties.

For you, this means that every video can now have automatically generated subtitles, and you can view and read the transcript below the video. But that's not everything. You can even find the contents of these transcripts via global search.

The automatically generated transcripts are significantly better than you are used to from YouTube, for example. Grammar and spelling are almost always perfect, and accents such as our 'Austrian German' and other languages are also understood.

But that is only part of the new features. In total, we have made improvements and optimisations in over 100 places so that every small detail meets our high quality standards and offers you as a user the best possible user experience.

Subtitles & transcripts for videos

All videos uploaded to LearningSuite are now also optionally transcribed free of charge using artificial intelligence, with the AI model running on our own servers, meaning that no data is passed on to third parties.

This gives you and your users the advantage that you can add subtitles to each video and even view a separate transcript that allows you to read along. This feature is particularly useful for visual learners, as they can more easily understand and memorise what is being said in the video.


The search function now also finds transcripts:

A big advantage of transcripts is that you can now also find their content in the global search. And the best thing about it? As soon as you click on the search result, you jump directly to the right section in the video where the search term appears.

This significantly improves the global search and can also reduce support costs, as members can now easily find all content via our search.


Overview of other changes in version 1.10:

  • More detailed statistics in courses
  • Video player improvements
  • App settings
  • Welcome popup
  • Email sender configurable
  • Responding to member feedback
  • Video speed in video cutter
  • Numerous optimisations and improvements

Detailed statistics in courses:

We've expanded the statistics in our courses. Now you can see detailed statistics about individual users' progress. By clicking on the “User Statistics” button, you will receive detailed information about a user's progress.

You can see how far the user has progressed in the individual content, how much time they have invested in it, and whether they currently have access to the content:

The new course user popup also appears. Here, you can easily switch between statistics, feedback and individual content activation via tabs.


Video player improvements

Our video player has received a few improvements. A preview image is now displayed in the slider, we've added more animations and some keyboard shortcuts have also been implemented.

We've also increased the slider's click area and improved the accuracy to make it easier for you to find the exact spot in longer videos.

Subtle animations were also introduced when starting and stopping the video, and when fast-forwarding and rewinding.

Here are the new keyboard shortcuts:

  • “M” for mute
  • Up arrow (↑) to increase volume
  • Down arrow (↓) for volume reduction

App settings

You can now adjust the app settings under “Settings” → “My LearningSuite” → “Login & App”.

Here you can change the name and icon of the app and also copy the installation link for the app to share it with your members. When your members click on the link, a pop-up appears asking them to install the app.


Welcome popup

With the new welcome popup, you can create a welcome window that welcomes new members when they log in to LearningSuite for the first time.

In this pop-up, you can set up a personal message and present a welcome video. You also have the option to ask your members to upload a profile photo or verify their details. This way, you reduce support efforts in case of typing errors.

The pop-up settings can be found under “Settings” → “My LearningSuite” → “Login & App”


More improvements:

  • Submissions & files are now displayed in the module overview
  • The video cutter now also has a controller for the playback speed
  • The email sender name is now configurable under Settings → “My LearningSuite”
  • In the member overview, you can now also filter by bundles
  • The performance of statistics has been drastically improved
  • The color of the course widget in the hub can now also be set
  • The module, - & section name is now also displayed for submissions
  • Feedback from members can now also be responded to. An email is sent to the respective member.
  • A number of bug fixes & optimisations

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