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Update: Version 1.2

Alexander Knechtl

What's new in version 1.2?

In this update, we've once again added exciting new features and expanded existing features to give you the best possible user experience. A main focus was on revising the submissions feature, which was redesigned from scratch.

You can also look forward to new features such as customisable platform information, including the sub-domain, platform name, and the design of your LearningSuite link. There are also numerous design adjustments.

But that is by no means all that the 1.2 update for LearningSuite has in store for you!


An overview of all changes:

  • Submissions feature V2.0
  • Audio submissions & audio recorder in the editor
  • Platform information can now be changed
  • Billing data visible in settings
  • Various improvements in the editor
  • Drag-and-drop for modules now available
  • Modules can now also be duplicated
  • Draft mode for sections & lessons
  • Redesign of preview mode in the editor

The biggest change: Submissions feature V2.0

The submissions have been thought through from scratch and have just had a significant design improvement so that you can easily keep track of all your members and submit reviews even faster.

New design of submissions overview
The submissions are now grouped by lesson. This reduces the risk of losing track in the event of a large number of charges. Furthermore, submissions that were sent more often are no longer shown individually each time.

Hence, they are presented as versions in a dropdown-view.

Redesign of the submission rating
The evaluation of submissions has now received a completely new redesign and has been adapted to our new design guideline. On the right hand side, you can now easily switch back and forth between sorting members and tasks.

Many other improvements and features
Furthermore, we have completely rebuilt the comment section, the trainer's video answer & the evaluation popup. We will explain a detailed presentation of the new delivery mechanism to you in a separate video. Until then, we can only recommend simply testing the submissions yourself:)


Other features in update 1.2:

Draft mode for sections & lessons
Sections & lessons can now be marked as drafts. So you now have the option to make content that is not yet final visible only to editors, even despite a course update.

Platform information can be changed
Under the Settings -> Platform Design tab, it is now possible to customise the platform name, domain and link description of your learning academy. You can see a preview of the link on the right. This preview is shown as soon as you share your platform with others via a link in WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & Co.

Billing data is now also visible in the platform
Until now, invoices have only been sent by email, but now it is also possible to download your billing information and invoices directly into LearningSuite under the Settings -> Billing tab.

Drag-and-drop is now also possible for modules
It is now possible to simply drag and drop a module into a folder in the module tab. It works not only on your PC or laptop, but also on your tablet & smartphone.

Duplicating modules is possible
With just one click on the 3-point menu in the module, you now also have the option to duplicate modules with all their content.

Various improvements in the editor
In the editor, the page settings are no longer displayed in the right sidebar but at the bottom of the current page. In addition, the drag-and-drop in the editor has been optimised and is now smoother and more reliable than before.

Audio recorder & audio output
You now also have the option to create audio recordings directly in LearningSuite. But that's not all! Your members also have the option to send you an audio answer. This is perfect, for example, for training sales employees who primarily work on the phone.

Redesign of preview mode in the editor
The preview mode within the editor has been optimised for design and has approximately the same design as in the reader for the members.

Bug fixes:
Some bug fixes and stability improvements have been made to make your LearningSuite experience even better.

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