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Update: version 1.3

Alexander Knechtl

What's new in update version 1.3?

In this update, we've introduced numerous new features as well as improvements and optimizations. A particularly requested feature, namely the definition of the course order for members, is now available.

We've also implemented our own Copecart integration in LearningSuite, which makes it easy for you to sell your courses directly via LearningSuite. There is also good news for speaker coaches and sales trainers using LearningSuite: With the new audio response function, your members can now create audio recordings directly in LearningSuite, which you can individually rate and comment on.

But these are just a few of the many new features that await you in Update 1.3!


An overview of all changes:

  • Copecart integration was added
  • Audio response is now also possible when submitting
  • Course sorting is now possible
  • Improved performance for 1,000+ users
  • Code embed possible in the editor
  • Video recorder keyboard shortcuts
  • A number of bug fixes & optimisations

Copecart integration was added

With our brand-new Copecart integration, you have the option to sell your LearningSuite courses on your own sales page. This is ideal for informational products and much more. If you want to know more about this, feel free to read our article about it:


Audio response possible when submitting

When submitted by members, you now have the option to answer not only with a video but also with an audio. This is ideal if you don't have a webcam available right now.


Set your custom course order

You now have the option to sort your courses so that your admins & members always see the most important courses first. To do this, simply click on the upper right “Order” button in the course overview and change the course order via drag-and-drop.


Better performance for 1,000+ users

With a bit of magic, we have now managed to optimise the platform so that it now works without any problems even with several thousands of users on your instance. The user search now works at the speed of light.


Code embed possible in the editor

In the editor, a new element called “Embed Code” has been added under the “Interactive Elements” tab. This allows you to embed content from other web apps, such as Google Forms, into our editor.

You have the option to display the code directly in the current step or you can display the code directly in a popup, which can be opened with a button.


Video recorder keyboard shortcuts

So that you don't have to take your focus away from the camera when you stop recording, we've added two keyboard shortcuts:

Shift+F, stop your recording

Shift+D, pause and start recording


A number of optimisations

  • Dark mode has been fine-tuned and now looks more balanced, especially in the editor and on the student side
  • The user experience when confirming the terms and conditions has been optimised
  • The link in the link card widget is now optional
  • Your password and email can now be edited directly under your profile settings
  • The 3-point menu in user management has been removed to offer more screen space, especially on mobile devices
  • The footer on the lists has been redesigned and is now also translated into German
  • Many other subtleties and little details that make a big difference in sum:)

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