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Update: Version 1.8

Alexander Knechtl

What's new in version 1.8?

With the new search function, both admins and members can find all content on the platform via a global search. Not only lesson titles and module names are taken into account, but also descriptions and all text content within the lessons.

This represents a significant milestone in the e-learning market, as most other platforms have so far only made it possible to search within individual courses or exclusively for lesson titles. This makes it much easier to find content afterwards.

Another new feature in this update is the member dashboard. This allows you to design an individual start page for your members, on which you can integrate not only courses, but also information elements, links or upsells.

In addition, this update includes many other new features, such as Make integration, optional Google login for your members, and more.


Overview of changes:

  • Global search for admins and members including intelligent content search
  • Member dashboard: The personalised "start" page for your members
  • Make integration for even easier automations
  • Optional Google login: Ideal for your internal training area
  • 3 new widgets for hubs: image gallery, - video widget and image widget
  • Improved video states for even clearer content creation

Global search

With the search function, admins and members can find all content to which they have the necessary access.

The brilliant thing about our search? The results are intelligently picked and the best hits are always shown at the top.

But that's not all: With our search, you can not only easily find course names, module names and lesson names. No, our search can also be used to find all content within the lessons.

For example, if the name “process definition” appears in one of the lessons and you no longer know where to find this lesson, then our search will also display this lesson as a result.

And to make your search even easier, we've also added simple filters.

The global search is easy to find at the top left. And to go one step further: You'll also get search suggestions as soon as you start entering a term.


Member dashboard

With the member dashboard, you have the option to design your members' homepage individually according to your requirements.

Now you can optionally place widgets directly on the members' homepage — using the same system as the hubs.

This gives you options to provide important links, communicate targeted news or promote various channels such as YouTube or Spotify.

To use this feature, simply click on “Member Perspective” in the settings. There you will find these options.

The dashboard is entirely optional. So if you're already completely satisfied with the current user experience, you don't need to change anything.


Make Integration

From now on, you can connect LearningSuite to Make. Make, is an automation tool similar to Zapier and gives you completely new opportunities to simplify processes and automate tasks.

With this integration, you can make your everyday work even more efficient and save time.

To connect Make, all you have to do is go to “Integrations & Header/Footer Code” in the settings and copy and paste the API key into Make:

As always, if you have any questions about the Make integration, our support team is happy to help. We also help you plan various automations with you and integrate them into LearningSuite.


Optional Google login

By popular request, we have now added the option to optionally log in to LearningSuite via Google. You can activate Google Login in the design settings.

Signing in with Google is only possible if the email address stored with LearningSuite matches that of your Google account and this email has already been confirmed.

We recommend using Google Login especially if you use LearningSuite for internal employee training and work with Google Workspaces.

Important information: As a coach, we do not recommend using Google Login, as your coaching participants could be confused if they have provided the wrong emails and you could possibly have increased support costs.


3 new widgets for hubs

Video widget: This allows you to integrate a video into your hub that your members can watch.

Picture gallery: This gives you the option to dynamically present multiple images in a widget as a slideshow. The slideshow automatically changes images every few seconds.

Image widget: With this widget, you can create custom designs in image form and display them in your hub. It is also possible to assign a link to the image, for example to present upsells even more attractively. Users also have the option to display the image in full screen.


More improvements:

  • The video recorder has received performance improvements so that your recordings are now even smoother
  • The video recorder user experience has been optimised
  • Dark mode has received some improvements.
  • The background color in dark mode now has a slight tint of your primary color.
  • The settings have been optimized and are now clearer than before.
  • Many other improvements and optimisations across the platform.

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